Seven days ago I learned that my two best friends had been killed in a horrific car accident. I was despondent and thought, ok, this is enough; I've had it. I started taking clonazepam over 15 years ago (0.5mg twice a day) for anxiety/panic attacks. It was increased to four times a day three years ago when I was diagnosed with Meniere's, an inner ear disease that causes violent and prolonged vertigo attacks. Meniere's patients have different triggers; mine was anxiety, hence the increase in dosage.There's no cure; it can be managed, to some degree, with a low-sodium diet, Lasix (furosemide) and anti-anxiety meds. Repeated attacks can result in loss of hearing, tinnitus and loss of balance. I walk with a cane and seldom go out alone.

I took 150 0.5mg tablets, went to bed with my iPod set to my favorite music, and fell asleep. I woke up (much to my surprise) 6 hours later when the phone rang (wrong number...). I got up, feeling unstable, fuzzy-brained and with slurred speech. I called my MD--he's on vacation and won't be back until Sept. 25. Going to the ER is out of the question, as I'll end up in the psych ward and likely won't even see a psychiatrist for days, and going to a walk-in clinic will result in the same scenario. I haven't taken any clonazepam since the overdose.Slurred speech and mental fuzziness are gone. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I've had one minor panic attack, which thankfully was not followed by a Meniere's attack. No other withdrawal symptoms. From what I've read, this is nearly impossible.  Can withdrawal symptoms be delayed as long as a week? I know that at the very least I'll have to start taking an anti-anxiety med asap to control the panic attacks and keep the Meniere's episodes down to a minimum, but it surely will NOT be clonazepam.Thoughts, anyone? If there's an MD in the house, input would be greatly appreciated. I'm 65 years old and live alone.