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I traveled overseas this summer and have recently experienced two panic attacks, which I assume are from withdrawal from alcohol. Background: I have been binge drinking for about 12 years now, not every night, but quite a bit in high school, 5 nights a week in college, then probably on average 3/4 nights every year after that. I suffer from blackouts whenever I binge drink, and in most instances (I'm not a mean drunk), I'm perfectly fine with people, I just can't remember anything the next day. When I tell people I black out consistently they're pretty shocked, because I'm a very high performing individual and people don't expect it from me...that and they say they've never blacked out before. Last year I cut back majorly and everything was under control, then this summer I've had a lot of free time, traveled overseas, I'm sure there was stress involved with being alone in a new environment, and have been going at the drinking like college again.

About a month ago I had my ever panic first attack, which happened after about a 72 hour binge. Easily the most terrifying experience of my life, I vowed to stop binge drinking, and I did for about a month. I also got some valium which helped me get to sleep, and after I calmed down I only touched beer. Then last weekend I went out hard to celebrate some friends' last night and killed a bottle of whiskey, among a bunch of other drinks, then had some bloody marys sunday morning with brunch. Last night rolls around, ans sure enough, another full blown panic attack, and now I'm in the midst of it.

The valium helped me get to sleep last night, but had I not taken it I would have been terrified and up all night. I also had nightmares when I finally did get to sleep. The panic attacks returned when the valium wore off in the morning, though not as severe as last night. They've been on and off all day, and I'm trying not to take too many valiums because I don't want to become dependent, but I have taken a few today and they have helped calm the attacks, but I can feel them comin back on when the valiums wear off.

I also exercised rigorously for about an hour and a half this afternoon, but it didn't help that much yet. Is it good to exercise during the attacks or just ride them out? I felt weak much of the time and now I feel like I'm having a heart attack.

So how long is the duration of these attacks usually? And do these sound like textbook panic attacks related to alcohol consumption or something else?

Thank you so much for your support.


HELLO, I am not an alcoholic, but I drank quite a bit in my teens and twenties, and stopped almost completely in my thirties. In my forties, I started drinking again, mostly just a few, never more than a 6 pk. however, there was 2 times, on my B day, I drank ALOT.... enough to get sick. And then for 1 to 4 days following, I am short on breath, dizzy, fatigued, easily startled, stomach problems...etc.. I am sure it is from the alcohol.  I have had panic attacks and anxiety attacks, in the past and there is a difference. panic attacks dont last long, and anxiety attacks can last hours, weeks or months!  The reason you are feeling this way is because panic and anxiety attacks occur from the GABA receptors in your brain not functioning quite right, and valium, alcohol and also MSG and many things can alter your GABA receptors in your brain. which can lead to the panic feeling. It may be withdrawal or side effects of a medication, or actual panic, or anxiety.. either way, its not pleasant, that much I know. good luck!