Recent research found that loud music could induce a kind of acoustic trauma or even hearing loss. Acoustic trauma is a injury of hearing mechanism within the inner ear and it can be caused by loud noise. Potential damage that noise could have on ear depends on duration and intensity of the sound.

It was determined in previous studies that sounds below 75 decibels are safe but the ones higher than 85 decibels with the duration of 8 hours can be harmful. Symptoms of hearing loss induced by noise begin with a subtle difficulty in hearing tones of high frequency and than slowly begin to affect difficulty in hearing lower tones as well.

Study is trying to explain that it’s very important to recognize symptoms as early as possible because once the hearing is lost it can’t be restored. First thing that person could do when notices this signs is to turn down the volume and if exposure is frequent use disposable ear plugs. For maximum protection if the exposure is too high person should use acoustic earmuffs in order to protect ears.