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Hi, guys, as a teen, I usually use headphones bit my research has shown tedious results of using headphones and more teens are becoming more hard of hearing each day, so is there a way to stop the hearing loss without giving up headphones? It may sound funny but my research also taught me that foam or stuff like that insulates heat by losing the heat in that maze-like foam... and that means the heat has to travel more distance around the maze or stuff... so like heat, can we actually carve out a block of foam and squeeze it into the cups to make the sound travel more distance so reduces our hearing loss??? It may sound silly, but hey, we're all silly, in a way...


This as been an ongoing issue for many years. I remember the same thing being a concern when I was a teenager (I'm now 36)

I think you have to work out the risk involved, the headphones that fit directly inside your ear were always thought to be worse, as the sound is directly in your ear.

However that said, I know plenty of older people (40's and 50's) that grew up using and headphones and still use them now and have no hearing loss. 

I think the key is not having the music turned up too high, I know we all prefer it when its blasting out but to have it so loud that you cannot hear background noise is not good. So rather than give them up I'd just reduce the volume to a lesser amount.