I started taking Depo back in February and received my third shot in June. Since then, Ive been bleeding for weeks on end with many, many large clots. Ill bleed for two weeks, stop for a few days, then bleed again either straight for another week or intermittently. I have pain in the upper right side of my uterus and cramps. I usually bleed during or after sex. I went to the doctor and they said that it was normal and to give it time. That its just my body getting used to it but this is my third shot already and I had no problems before. This doesnt feel normal to me. It hurts and is uncomfortable. I ve been lightheaded and out of breath much faster. The pain in the top portion of my uterus was said to be just me ovulating but should I even be ovulating on Depo and why is it happening at least once a day?!?!

PLEASE HELP!! I dont know what to do.