Hi, I had a Medical abortion last tuesday (6 Weeks Preg). Since abortion is illegal in my country and i had no other option so i took 4 pills of cycotec orally and 3 vaginally. At first the effects were as mentioned to me like bleeding, clots, pain. The next day i had bleeding but not that much pain.However the third & fourth day my pain became severe and unbearable. I went to the doctor claiming i had a miscarriage and they gave me a painkiller. upon ultrasound they suggested that your uterus is empty. Now its been almost a week and im bleeding clots (size of a grape & sometimes bigger) and with urine too.Few times a day my pain starts and i bleed with clots. Can you guys please advise what i should do , if this is normal or not, how long should i expect this and since it is very hard for me to visit a doctor i need some suggestions on Infections and pain killers.