Ive been on the pill since July. I really only take the pill for lighter periods and its helps w/ my PMS... I actually stopped takin it for about 2-3 months and recently go back on (about 2 months ago). Lately, ive been very tired, uber emotional (like waaaayyyy more than normal) and Im peeing more than usual. I do drink a lot of water but Ive been trying to not drink as much to see if I still go a lot and I do. Also, I feel like I need to be sleeping all the time. Some days are worst than others. Anyway....I tried to get pregant before and it didnt work...and I had gotten used to the lighter periods and little to no cramping (had terrible cramps and PMS before)......Stopped trying, take my pill regulary, thought not always at the same time of day. My periods while on the pill can go from light to normal (heavy) but my last period came a day later than usual and was very very light and only lasted about 2 days when it normally is about 4-5 days. Could I be pregnant? My next period is due in about 2 weeks so Im trying to hold out from a pregnancy test. I wouldnt mind being pregnant...I just dont want to get all excited for nothing. I dont want to say anything to my bf bc the last few times the test came back negative we were both really disappointed. Should I wait toi see if I get a period (two weeks seem so far away) or should I go get a test?