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Can Anyone help me i had my period a week ago it was lighter then ever i was only on for 3 days normaly its 7, ive been having clear and pink discharge when i go to the toiler which is mostly every hour or so i been having really bad headaches and stomach cramps also back aches when i go to bed, ive been feeling really sick lately to certain foods that i smell and my bit around my nipple is larger then usual, ive done 3 pregnancy tests and they all were negative whats a matter with me could i be pregnant but its not showing up? Help me please im only 16 yrs old and dont know whats going on! :(


Well since you're young, it could just be late puberty symptoms. Your symptoms do sound like a pregnancy, but since you arent there is nothing to worry about. Have you taken the Plan B pill? If you have, thats why you are experiencing all these symptoms. Plan B is just a high dose of birth control, so you can get symptoms of PMS and pregnancy.

I doubt that you are pregnant if 3 tests showed you werent, usually when someone is pregnant and experiencing these symptoms, it means that their body has produced enough "pregnant hormones" to cause these symptoms, so it for sure would show up on a pregnancy test.

I would say wait until you get your period, and after that if these symptoms dont stop, go see a doctor.

This might be a personal question, but did you lose your virginity recently? That could explain the pink discharge, maybe very very light bleeding from a tear.