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I've been with my girlfriend for 3 months now, i love her to death, and sex has never been a big deal for me until i had my first orgasm with her. I've just been turned on all the time and i love eating out my girlfriend but most of the time she doesn't want me to and shed rather we skip that and go right to sex. i love giving oral sex to my girlfriend and i love receiving it too.

whats the best way to ask for getting head or giving head? i don't want to force her to do it and i'm not going to lie i hate asking for it because i feel like such a jerk and i feel awkward asking for head.

Also are there any cool techniques or anything i can do to improve my oral sex on her??

any help would be great.


Go get the book "The Guide to Getting It On" by Paul Joannides  or "Sex is Fun" by Kider Kaper.

Both have good sections on oral sex.  However, they are both frank and explicit in their detail.


You might also check out "She Comes First", but I don't recall the author.