I have had an Oxford Knee (right medial half knee replacement) three weeks ago.  So far so good.  I have not got the ability to straighten completely yet, but it is comming nicely, no walker, crutches or cane at this point. I have some aching at night, particularly when I have been working on trying to get more straightening.

I am a ballroom dancer, so when the Dr. described the target results as "athletic", I was sold.  But the physiotherapists seem to be painting a somewhat more limited picture, warning me about squatting (not so important) and pivoting on that knee (rather important to me), or kneeling (I am a handiman too.).

So what is the real deal?  Do I need to be concerned about doing a snappy cha cha or a Samba?  Will I have to worry about a pivot turn?  Are there special techniques I may be able to learn to compensate if I ahave eto accept some limitations?

BTW, I am already in less pain than I was before, when I could not walk for extended distances or dance for more than an hour or so without a swolen knee.  SoI am  happy with my decision.  But I want an honest opinion from someone who dances ballroom. What willl my linitations be?