Am 71 and had both knees done 10 weeks ago.  Up and walking without anything in about 8 days.  Driving in 3 weeks.  PT was horrible as my PT specialist apparently specialized in giving pain to the point of crying out stop!  Learned I wasn't the only one.  After nearly each PT session, several hours later, had significant rise in pain to point had to go back on pain killers.  After last session found later in the day I could not stand on left leg for the pain.  I think part of the problems is that there is no protocol for the rehab of the partial knee patient.  Only found one reference on line to not requiring as aggressive an approach as with full knee replacement.  Have 125 deg flex and 0 deg flat currently and have stopped PT after 8 sessions.  Walking is just fine but I find legs do not like to be in one position very long.  Lingering problem is sleeping.  When I lie down there is significant discomfort not dependent on when I try sleeping on stomach, back or either side.  Get funny feeling in legs below waist where they want me the "wiggle or shake" the leg.  Has resulted in many sleepless nights despite use of both narcotic and non-narcotic pain relievers and melatonin.  I am generally very satisfied with the procedure and would do the bilateral in a heart beat again.  No pain walking and legs get stronger each day.  Just this recurrent sleeping anomaly.  Anyone else experience this and found a solution?