? My child is 1 year & 9 months old. He was so well and active since birth, he was ever diagnosed with any chronic diseases or infections but he had had strong chough two weeks before the virus infected him. However, on the morning of 14th June, 2007, he just collapsed to the floor as his mother and I were leaving for work in the morning.

The kid is now admitted at an hospital. The doctors got his blood samples and face specimen for tests. All they are telling us is that he was infected by a virus called 'Gillian Barre Syndrome' (GBS) and there is nothing we can do about it but to observe and controll the virus as it might creep up towards his chest and affect his breathing which would be the extreme for a child at his age. To me, this sort of disease is a very new thing that I really don't know what to do. I am quite concerned as my lad had also developed extreme body temprature rise, skin-pox(sores at his back) & strong chough. I was also not informed of any possible cause that may have triggered the infection.

:'( I am so worried as he is my first born son and...If anyone has any information, diet guide, cure infomation, possible causes, any previous paediatric case or anything about this matter please help.

XD Your kind info's & help will be highly blessed

Nick & Regina Kuala
Papua New Guinea, Porgera