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I have a problem, I usually had a normal period with hardy any pain, but I got married about a year ago, and now we`re trying to get pregnant, and since we started trying, I've been having problem, period pains around the time I expect my periodand heavy heavy periods, but the last two months were just to much, I had upset stomaches, and always felt nausea. it even got so bad that thinking of any type of food or seeing it made me sick, I went to a doc, he thought it might be pregnancy, and said we should wait a few weeks and the have a test, but my period came and that means no pregnancy,and thats what worries me, what can it possible be?,
worried and confused


It could be a few things, the 1st thought I have is called dysmenorrhea - painful periods! I have attached some info on the bottom.

If you think you might be pregant you could also have a condition called placenta previa, but I don't think it's that because that is usually further along. So I have copied some info about bleeding through pregnancy.

Another one, is a MAJOR yeast infection. But that wouldn't explain the sudden heavy bleeding. If you can afford to go see the doctor, go in about a week, and have a pregnancy test - or take them at home (they are just as reliable).

I suffered from dysmenorrhe from 13 till I had a hysterectomy at 36, I was hospitalized on many occaisions for morphine injections!!!!! So I hope it is not that for you. On the other hand, I got pregnant with both my children on the 1st try, so don't think for a minute that this will hinder your chances of getting pregnant! Sometimes You can have UNREAL terrible periods, and then you are fine! That is why I say God HAS to be a man!!!! ;-) So try and relax, take your folic acid. And good luck and health!