Hey there! (Apologies for the long winded query)



  • I'm 25 years old


  • I'm on my 2nd time on Implanon birth control (the small rod placed in the inner upper arm), although my bf and I are no longer concerned about 'preventing' pregnancy anymore.


  • My periods are normally a little wack, but generally on the heavy side (although not as heavy as they used to be).


  • This year I have tried to be really good recording my periods down using an app called Period Tracker, My Calendar (on Google Play, amazing!! It has been so helpful and after using it without missing any information, it is getting even better at working out my cycle, and when the possibility of pregnancy is high etc.), anyway it's been a god send, because in all honesty I was becoming like Amy from The Big Bang Theory, wearing pads in case my period would kick up and ruining my clothes etc. (luckily this wasn't happening for long and with using the app it helped stop that quite quickly haha).


Current situation:

1. I was meant to have my period from 21st May - 1st June (They are normally this long) but I never had my period. What I had instead was for a few days (wearing pads in case it was starting later than expected), and my pads had this faded brown-y yellow-y kinda colouration, it didn't happen when I wiped..


2. My bf and I had unprotected sex on 21st May (the app also helps by marking sexy time, ovulation [which I have no idea for me if the app is correct or not regarding the rough time that it should happen], also any symptoms your having etc.).


3. The app said that I should ovulate on the 7th June.


4. I had a strange cramping on the 8th June. I also took a pregnancy test on the 8th June, but it was an invalid test, as after I took the test I had realised that I should have waited to take it tomorrow morning when the urine chemical stuff would be at its strongest (so I'll be taking another test just to be sure, but it's quite expensive.


5. Today (9th June), I have been getting rather itchy armpits (the flabby bit between the breast and armpit, and around the top of both my breasts, they feel irritated and warm.


6. My next period is due on 21st June - 2nd July


  • So are these symptoms of pregnancy?

I'm normally stressed lately, because my bf and I are moving, and i normally have aches and pains around my back and joints so they aren't helpful for telling me whether or not I'm having 'typical' symptoms (I know all our bodies are different). My next period is due on 21st June - 2nd July..

  • Should I hold off the pregnancy test till my next period?

 I have had no 'implantation bleeding', so I am unsure if the cramps I had on the 8th June was the (ovulation/ implantation/ insemination), the pain was focused around the lower abdomen.

  • Does the insemination/ implantation/ ovulation happen before or after the missed period?
  • What does the ''discharge'' that I had for a few days instead of my period mean do you think?


I'm unable to see a Doctor, due to work commitments, and we are moving soon, so until I can get my new health insurance and get my new doctor sorted, so I just wanted some thoughts from you all, as other people's queries have some substantial differences from my own, so hence why I'm creating a new topic (If you've read this far, then I love ya, thanks for your patience).