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i have been diagnosed with swine flu, but when i breathe i have a pain in my ribs at the back ?
what could this be ?


When our bodies are attacked by virus's such as the Swine Flu! It affects ALL your organs, from what I understand the Swine Flu is diagnosed due to a BAD cough! So your pain is one of a couple of things!

1. You have pulled a muscle around your ribs!
2. You have seperated a rib - from all the coughing!
3. You have Pkeurisy!

The best way of dealing with the pain is HEAT!!! Using a hot water bottle or a heating pad - better with moist heat actually! Then this will help the "Stifness" of your joints! Take Ibuprofen for the pain, and IF it continues - take a look at the link for pleurisy - then you might need some antibiotics - they wont give it if it is JUST from the Swine Flu - as this is Viral!

I hope this helps you! And I hope you feel better soon! Good luck and health!