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Me and My boyfriend decided, to finally have sex for the first time. I never had sex with anybody else before and when he started to penetrate me; it felt like a whole lot of needles were pinching me in my vaginal area. I was so scared and told him to stop! Is sex for the first time suppose to hurt like this?


Well hum... I'm not a girl but I can tell you what I know. For a lot of girls, sex can be really painful the first time. What does it feel like for most of them? Can't tell you. But it can hurt. What you can do is ask your boyfriend to have some foreplay before having sex in order to get your vagina as wet as possible. Don't forget that his penis must be "wet" too (saliva, oil...).

Once you both are wet a lot, you can try again to let him enter, but do it as slow as possible. If you feel any pain while he's entering, you should tell him right away. If it hurts but not too much, maybe try to let him go halfway and slowly get out. Remember : slow as hell. You feel too much pain? Stop, take a brake, then try a bit later if you want.

That is my advice as a guy who had sex with two different virgin girls (the first one was a mistake but anyway, that's my personal life). And my current girlfriend (she was virgin) is really more tight than the other (she is Asian and apparently Asians are more tight than westerners). What I want to say is that every girl is different, as long as every guy. If you boyfriend is huge like a horse, well it's certainly because of that that you feel pain.

Any advice given by a girl can be good too : listen to them (the one you feel comfortable with!) :-)