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I am 29 years old. I was a virgin when I married my husband 6 1/2 months ago. We have not been the typical newlyweds. I cannot have sex with him. It is very very painful for me. When he enters me, it hurts alot. He tries to go slow, but it seems to just be painful. When he starts moving inside me, it just burns a lot, and hurts. We have tried lots of foreplay to be sure that I am wet enough. We have added lube (astroglide) into the mix. The worst part seems to be when he cums in me. That burns a lot. The intercourse only seems to last for 5 - 20 minutes (he normally comes pretty quickly). When it is over, I cannot sit down comfortably for hours afterward. I want to be able to satisfy my husband. I need to be able have sex with him without pain. I have not seen a doctor yet, I really don't want to. Hoping someone has some ideas what we can try. I just want to be able to enjoy having sex. I want to know that I waited my whole life to have sex, and that it is good. Not bad and painful. Thanks in advance!!


Yes, you need to see a doctor.

It's possible that you have an alergy to your husband's sperm or semen, but you'll need to see the doc to check this out.

You may have some form of infection or allergy that your system is reacting to.

But it starts with a visit to the doc.

After six months, if the sex isn't becoming more natural, easy and pleasant, it's time to consult a professional.


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Is he circumcised? Some women have sensitive vaginal walls that can't take the scraping action of a circumcised penis. If you have already become irritated before he comes the ejaculate might hurt. Can you try using a condom that is well lubricated to see if it still hurts when he comes?

5 to 20 minutes is normal to almost long. Have you been watching porn movies where they appear to last for hours? When I was first married I felt lucky to last a minute. I finally got it up to 5 minutes but 20 minutes was only after a half dozen highballs.

Using the condom should settle any possible alergic reaction too.

Have you tried a different lube like KY?
Stay away from anything that has petroleum in it (Vaseline).