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It's important to take breaks in between work to maintain your efficiency levels. However, if you're using the break time to light up a smoke, you may be doing more harm than good to your efficiency levels. Read on to know how.

Nowadays, everyone person is looking for ways to become more efficient at their respective jobs. But, list making and consuming a large amount of caffeine is just not going to help you reach peak productivity levels.

Breaks are a must at work. They not only rejuvenate, but also help in social bonding. Nowadays "smoke breaks" are a causal scene. So what usually happens in smoke breaks? A brainstorming meeting about an idea, a discussion about work that needs to be completed and how to go about it. So how is this proving to be unproductive?

Even if you are discussing something productive over a smoke, the fumes are getting trapped in your lungs. The toxins build up with every puff. Eventually, this causes harmful health effects, negatively affecting your work. Let's see as to what are the butts' negative effects on work:

Increased Sick Leaves

A study conducted by Petter Lundborg, Ph.D, economist at Free University of Amsterdam showed that smokers, on an average, took approximately 11 sick leaves more than non-smokers. This not only builds up more work for you, but also further affects your health when you're fine enough to return to work.

This is because once you get back to office; you'll be overloaded with work. In such cases, people resort to a 'relapse to sickness'.

Loss to Employers

When you take sick leaves, your work is subjected to red tapism. At times, deadlines might not be met due to the sickness. You may not come up with the best ideas for a pitch due to your unhealthy state. Such factors cause a financial loss for employers.

Many companies provide illness coverage policies. Companies' health care spending on employees with higher rates of diabetes and cardiac issues amounts to a huge loss.

Loss of Time

Smoking sessions do encourage employee-bonding without a doubt, but these ten-minute smoke breaks at work affect the efficiency of employees.

When a person wants to have a cigarette, he takes a colleague along and that hampers the other employee's output too. Also,the time taken to stroll from the workbench to the smoke zone, and the time taken to finish an entire cigarette is an ample amount of time. Many people end up gossiping than actually brainstorming on ideas.

Moreover, many discuss as to why their brand of cigarette is better than the others'. Well, this isn't going to help the company in anyway.

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