Researchers found during recent study that patients who have smaller pancreatic tumor have better chances for survival. Even though people may think that’s pretty intuitive now researchers have strong evidence that a progressive decrease in the pancreatic tumor size at the time of diagnosis improves patients outcomes in very significant matter.

During the study, experts examined 65 patients around 60 years of age and more than half of them were men. Results showed that out of 12 patients with tumor ranging from 20 mm or smaller had a median survival of about 17 months. Those patients who’s tumor size was between 21 and 25 mm had a median survival of 12 months and those who had larger tumors had median survival of about 8 months.

Statistics also showed that out of those patients who had tumor smaller than 20 mm two were still alive after 4 years and none of the patients with tumor size larger than 30 mm were alive after 3 years.

These results clearly indicate benefit of finding pancreatic tumor as soon as possible in order to prevent it’s growth. Scientists made no progress in improving outcomes for people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer because they can not detect them until they are too big and it’s too late. Researchers agree that most important thing is to try to find symptoms for early stages of pancreatic tumor and make the right diagnose as soon as possible.