Recent research found based on the results of Magnetic Resonance Images that patients diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) who smoke have a great risk of brain tissue damage. Research included patient who suffered of MS more then 10 years and had between 35 and 55 years. Some of the patients were smokers.

Study found that cigarette smoke is linked to risk of progressive multiple sclerosis. Patients who participated in the research were diagnosed with three different type of MS. Most of them had relapsing – remitting MS who had acute attacks with full or partial recovery, smaller percent were patients with secondary progressive MS with occasional attacks and only small percent of the patients were the one with primary – progressive MS. Also there were included some patients who experienced MS for the first time.

Analasys were made after MRI results and they showed that smokers had significantly higher disability scores and lower brain volume then patient who were non smokers.

Researchers claim that smoking appears to influence MS and to accelerate brain atrophy. Also, smoking has great influence to disruption of the blood – brain barrier in patients diagnosed with MS.

Conclusion of the research is that the doctors should advise patients with MS to stop smoking so they can preserve brain function as much as possible.