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I am hoping someone on here sees this and has a clue what is going on.  I'm dealing with: Pelvic pain for 8 months, No period for 4 months, Not pregnant, Too early for menopause... My diet is healthy and full of lean proteins and vegetables.  I sleep well, have positive people in my life, a job, hobbies, work out regularly.  I got blood work done and everything looks great.  I got a pap smear and everything looks great.  I had an ultrasound and everything looks great.  I have had constipation and gas and bloating and a 4-5 on a scale of 1 - 10 steady pain that is period related | digestive related for 8 months now.  Anyone have any idea what is going on?  I've been exhausted with many allergies and want to feel better.  I checked this out as cancer runs in my mom's family as does endometriosis.  I think cancer is ruled out.


Hi, im kinda having the same problems. I havent had a period for almost three months now i gave birth to my son almost 7 months ago and 3-4 months after i had my period and i havent had one since the end of january. Ive gotten pains in my lower abdomen but no period and ive taken about 6 pregnancy tests throughout these past 3 months and i have no idea whats going on. I think sometime in January i had taken the plan B pill and ive heard that can throw off your cycle but i think 3 months is a little excessive and im only almost 22 years old so im too young for menopause also. Ive looked it up online and everything that i have read has told me about thyroid problems and hormone imbalances. I stopped taking my BC because i thought that was making me bleed excessivly and then my period completely stopped so my doctor told me to start up on the pill again and see if it works ive been taking it for about 4 days now and still nothing idk if it takes some time but im trying to not stress about it because it will make it even more late than it already is. Are you on the pill. If not maybe thats something you can look into. Ive been doing the insanity work out for only 2 weeks now so it cant be that either and my eating habits are very healthy. Why does the body of a woman have to be so complicated!!!!