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Hi guys,

I was circumcised 9 days ago because of phimosis and everything seemed to be going fine, but yesterday I noticed that my circumcised skin has stuck to the shaft of my penis. I was not told about this at all and i'm getting really worried. I haven't really moved the skin on my penis around much since the operation as i decided just to let it do its thing. The circumcised skin is bunched up a bit behind the head of my penis, so my glands are constantly exposed. I have never seen any of the stitches because of it being bunched up and its folded under slightly, and this is where it is stuck. I have had some painful nights due to erections, i researched this and found that its common because of the stitches being pulled on, but now im assuming that my pain is because of the circumcised skin being pulled away from the shaft where its been stuck. Last night, i actually started bleeding. I discovered the blood in the morning which had all dried up.

I cant go and see my local doctor because its the weekend and iv been trying to call the surgeon who operated on me but iv been unsuccessful. So im turning to you guys, im assuming its been stuck for over a week so i don't know whether its too stuck to be reverted without surgery. As i understand, it gets worse as time goes by and i want to know if its been short enough time to do it at home. Im scared to try and do it right now because i dont want to cause too much damage. I guess i just need some medical advice.



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Unstick it and then put some Vaseline on it to keep it from sticking again.


It's very painful. I have just had my adhesions released. So painful I wish I had elected for the full circomcisions!  they have given me Dermovate to stop it from sticking back which is good but some has already stuck bank. I also have Bactroban to kill any infection. not sure if you need a prescription as I had a private prescription and it only cost £3.50 for the tube. 

I'm currently sitting on my brad with the Dermovate and some ear cotton buds slowly trying to bear the pain and release the adhesions again.

good luc



Dermovate is a topical steroid ointment. It is not suitable for stopping post-circumcision adhesion. A heavy layer of Vaseline will prevent raw surfaces from healing together.

Why did you elect to have a circumcision?

You were blessed with a highly innervated, highly erogenous foreskin. Many circumcised guys would envy your foreskin.

You are very fortunate to have had parents that did not circumcise you. You had a whole, complete penis so you have sex the way nature intended it. Now that is gone.

There are four very rare, compelling medical reasons for circumcision.

1. A malignant tumor on the foreskin.
2. Irreparable physical trauma.
3. Frostbite.
4. Gangrene of the foreskin.

All other reasons are elective. If you did not have one of those conditions, then you elected to be circumcised. Most medical conditions that involve the foreskin may be treated conservatively.

Adult circumcision is an irreversible, elective surgical operation to injure the penis and reduce its size and sensation by cutting off the nerve-laden sexually sensitive, erogenous foreskin. Once it is removed you cannot get it back. There is no turning back.

Adult circumcision is usually performed with a general anesthetic however local anesthetic may be used. Like all surgical operations, it has risks of hemorrhage, infection, and surgical mishap. Loss of the penis has been known to occur. Death has been known to occur.

The appearance of the penis is changed. A scar is a permanent effect of circumcision.

The cost is about $2,500-$3,000 in the United States. Circumcision may be carried out under local or general anaesthesia. It is common to use dissolving sutures for the circumcision wound.

Male circumcision is a very destructive, injurious, and harmful amputation of valuable penile tissue. Masturbation will be much more difficult and less pleasurable. Circumcision should be avoided whenever possible.

The foreskin is a complex double-layered structure composed of smooth muscle fiber, skin, mucosa, nerves, arteries, and veins. It is natural, normal, healthy, and its possession contributes to a sense of well-being. The foreskin has protective, sensory, sexual, and immunological functions. It is loaded with nerves and is the site of most of the penile sensation. The foreskin is a “specific erogenous zone.” The foreskin is essential for normal intercourse. Foreskin provides the additional skin needed to allow for penile expansion during erection. Amputation of the foreskin, which is an integral and important part of the penis has very significant adverse sexual and emotional effects.
Nature put the foreskin there to provide at least fourteen functions:

1. to cover and bond with the synechia so as to permit the development of the mucosal surface of the glans and inner foreskin.
2. to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers.
3. To protect against disease causing pathogens.
4. to protect the glans penis from friction and abrasion throughout life.
5. to keep the glans moisturized and soft with emollient oils.
6. to lubricate the glans.
7. to coat the glans with a waxy protective substance.
8. to provide sufficient skin to cover an erection by unfolding.
9. to provide an aid to masturbation and foreplay.
10. to serve as an aid to penetration.
11. to reduce friction and chafing during intercourse.
12. to serve as erogenous tissue because of its rich supply of erogenous receptors.
13. to contact and stimulate the G-spot of the female partner.
14. to produce pheromones to excite the female sexual partner.

It is normal to keep the foreskin forward over the head for protection. After the foreskin is amputated by circumcision, the head will be fully exposed and may be very painful.
Circumcision is an injurious, damaging, destructive, and harmful surgical operation that cuts through nerves and blood vessels that feed blood to the penis. The operation is irreversible. You will have the rest of your life to mourn your loss of your erogenous foreskin.
The foreskin is filled with nerves that make it the most sensitive part of the human body, therefore, cutting into it is very painful.
It takes about six weeks to recover from an adult circumcision. One should avoid getting erections masturbation and sexual activity during recovery. Oral ketoconazole may help to prevent postoperative erections. You will need lubrication to help you masturbate.

It is normal for the head of the penis to hurt after a circumcision because the protection provided by the foreskin is gone forever.

If excessive tissue is removed, the result will be painful, shorter erections.

One will never fully regain the lost protection, sexual function, sensation, and sexual pleasure, even if one restores the foreskin.

If you should become interested in restoring your foreskin, a search on the Internet for “foreskin restoration” will produce lots of information.



My husband is having this same problem, his surgery was 3 days ago and he has just noticed the adhesion and is too frightened to pull it apart him self. Can I ask what your out come was and how did you deal with this adhesion.
Thanks for any help you can give.


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If you are asking the original poster that was over a year ago.
Would he let you try to separate it? I know it will hurt but the sooner you deal with it the easier it will be.


dude some guys have to get it removed because of phimosis, it makes sex very unpleasureable and painful