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I realised almost three years ago that my foreskin wouldn't retract at the age of 15, after some stretching I tried in the shower and finally went to the doctors to discuss this and I was prescribed with some betnovate cream to loosen the foreskin. I applied this for a few months and the results were good as I could retract the foreskin to wash in the shower, however I had a problem with the foreskin retracting in cold weather or when nervous because of skin tensing around the scrotum and shaft of the penis. I kept applying the cream until May 2011 and was still having this problem, however I could retract my foreskin to below the head with only slight tethering.

I also had issues with smell sometimes on the foreskin, which I guess was from leftover sperm cells that wouldn't go away when I cleaned in the shower. As you would guess this damaged my confidence as I was worried about engaging in oral sex or similar with a partner and wanting to be hygenic, so in the August of 2011, I discovered an operation called a frenuloplasty which told me would lengthen the frenulum to allow full retraction of the penis, as I had a slightly short frenulum.

The operation occured in November of last year and all was okay to begin with, however it took longer than the said time for the stitches to heal. One stitch in particular looked like it was beginning to gather skin which was worrying, and around Christmas that time I noticed the penis was beginning to bend slightly when I retracted the foreskin which was worrying. I went to a GP about this and he told me to stick in and h said the scar tissue may not have fully healed up yet.

Progressively over this past year the skin has begun to gather more and more around the incision causing there to be less skin on the rear side of the penis causing it to bend intensely when flaccid. The scar tissue has also hardened up and caused my penis skin to thicken which is slightly unpleasant, whenever my penis is erect (in many awakward situations as you can guess) the foreskin retracts which is very uncomfortable and I am not at a point where it is constantly irritating and painful around the areas of my scrotum and penis as it feels like bloodflow is being trapped or something of the sort with my deformed foreskin structure. I was misinformed until the day of the operation that if this operation failed, nothing could be done and circumcision was the only option.

The way he said this to me at last minute and not in a very important way made me feel like this was a thousand to one chance of happening, therefore thinking this operation would sort out my problems. At this point I am severely frustrated and depressed about facing my future as I know I could have bared with how things were before my operation, and now it feels like losing a part of skin and a sensation I have grown up with naturally since birth is certainly not what I want to do.

I am not sure if circumcising my penis would benefit (stop it bending and hurting) and also I really do not like the idea of the head being permanently exposed and desensitising over time from rubbing on materials of my underwear. Please if anybody knows any alternatives that can help sort out my wrongly healed frenuloplasty then please help, as circumcision is a route that I do strongly not want to take and am feeling helpless and worried of my future sex life. I hope you understand my worries and thankyou for taking your time to read this.

Much love,



Hi, I have to tell you that I admire you. I don't know you, but while I was reading your post, I got this feeling like I know what are you going through, what are your feelings, etc. I think that it is always very difficult to talk about male circumcision because we still live in the world where they connected this with faith, not with the disease. But it is an issue and if you need to deal with it, you should, no matter what. My good friend had frenuloplasty twice, so it seems to me that you are not alone in this story. I believe that this is painful but if this is the only way - do it.  Of course, consult your doctor. Again and again. 



Hi AW94,

I really feel for you mate, it cannot be nice.

I've not been in your situation (stretching etc worked for me), so I cannot offer any personal advice.  

Please keep us updated on your progress, and let me know if I can be of any further help!

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Thankyou for your reply Kingreze, much appreciated. I will have a look at the link you gave me and also email what I've written here to Peter, thanks very much.



HI AW94:

You are blessed with an erogenous, highly-innervated foreskin. Many guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision.

Apparently you have developed scar tissue at the site your frenuloplasty. You essentially have a failed operation. You may need a second operation to remove the scar tissue.

Since you are troubled with your foreskin retracting inappropriately, you might consider stretching it to make it longer. Longer foreskins do not retract automatically. This can be done in the same way that circumcised men restore their foreskin.

It is possible to extend the residual shaft skin on a circumcised penis to form a new foreskin and has been done or is being done by hundreds of thousands of men.

Foreskin restoration was known in ancient times and is mentioned in the Bible, but the technique was lost and only rediscovered in the late 20th century – about 40 years ago. Many still do not know that foreskins can be restored.

The decision to restore one's foreskin is a personal decision. It depends on how strong one’s feelings are about one’s unwanted non-voluntary circumcision, because foreskin restoration by tissue expansion is somewhat slow. Some men think it is worthwhile to restore and others don't think so.

Surgical foreskin restoration has been tried but does not give good results. Moreover, some men have had very serious complications from surgical foreskin restoration. The favored method is non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Foreskin restoration can only proceed as fast as skin can grow. Some believe that foreskin restoration goes much faster when one is young because there is more growth hormone in the body. The stretching causes tissue expansion and permanent growth of the length of your foreskin.

Foreskin restoration works by "tissue expansion". When traction is applied to skin to keep it under tension, the skin reacts by expanding to relieve the tension. New skin cells are formed and the skin under tension expands. This is a permanent increase. Cells divide to create two skin cells out of one. The process is called "mitosis".

For foreskin restoration the shaft skin is placed under longitudinal tension or traction, which causes it to expand so as to make it longer. As the shaft skin gets longer, one starts to see little wrinkles in the skin. As elongation continues, skin will start to pile up in the coronal sulcus. Then, with increasing length, the shaft skin will start to lap over the head in a little fold. This is the start of the new foreskin. Since a double layer is needed, quite a lot of skin must be created.

Continued stretching and skin expansion will eventually cover the head of the penis with foreskin. Over the longer term, it is possible to create a foreskin that is long enough to cover the erect penis.

Foreskin restoration improves appearance. As the foreskin lengthens, the scar from the circumcision is covered over and disappears. The result is a very natural appearing foreskin that is very difficult to distinguish from a natural foreskin.

The procedure does not use drugs or surgery and the medical profession is not involved in any way. Non-surgical foreskin restoration is very safe and painless.

The restored foreskin keeps the glans penis moist and sensitive. The layer of keratin on the glans of the circumcised penis sloughs off after a period of constant coverage by the restored foreskin. The surface becomes softer to the touch.

Foreskin restoration cannot restore the frenulum, nor can it restore the heavily innervated ridged band, however, a restored foreskin does have sensation. Morever, the increased skin mobility allows better stimulation of the remaining nerves.

Foreskin restoration has beneficial sexual and emotional effects.

Foreskinned males who have inadequate short foreskins may use the same techniques to lengthen their existing foreskin.

There are now several good devices on the market to make foreskin restoration go faster.


You are wise to avoid circumcision. You are blessed with a protective, highly-innervated, erogenous foreskin. Many unforeskinned guys would envy your foreskin. You display great wisdom in wanting to avoid circumcision, You should thank your parents for protecting your physical integrity. Because of your physical integrity you will be able to have sex the way nature intended it. Adult circumcision is an extremely destructive operation that severs blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue. The amputation excises the most sexually sensitive part of the penis. Complications include hemorrhage, infection, and surgical accident. There are many possible adverse outcomes, including total loss of the penis and even death. The operation severs nerves and blood vessels, so sensation and blood circulation are permanently impaired. The recovery period is usually painful and takes about six weeks. The cost is about US$2,500 to US$3,000. Your insurance may or may not pay for it, because it is non-therapeutic. They may consider it to be cosmetic surgery. The sensitive head of your penis will be permanently exposed to friction on clothing and there will be nothing to cover it. You will have to alter your method of masturbation. Adult circumcision is outmoded as a treatment for phimosis. Many men later regret their decision to be circumcised because of the loss of so much sexual sensation.