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i had sex with my girl friend ... i didnt enjoy it... even sperms didn't come out. i don't know why. my penis is covered with foreskin but whenever i get ready for sex it goes back. the same happened when i had sex with my girl friend. my problem is my penis didn't stand for a long time and sperms didn't come out and i didn't enjoy the sex.
? please help me by answering these questions


Sorry to hear that! Are you on any medication? How old are you? It could be a side affect from drug etc but I am no expert!

I suffer from depression and anxiety and I am taking citalopram (anti-depressant) - I couldn't get an erection for almost 3 whole months!! It was devastating as it whipped out my libido but that was a side affect. However, thank god I am not in a physical relationship!

I am starved of sex! What is a boy to do if he isn't gettings sex? Should I be ashamed of using vacums for a suction or porn, h****rs just to get something intimate?


my age is 26 i'm not taking any medicines right now but i had taken in past but i didnt take medicine for depressions i underwent brain surgery one half year back diagnosis named as obstructive hydrocephalus but i do not think that could have effected me i'm perfectly all right now


> sperms didnt come out and i didnt enjoy the sex;
> half year ago underwent brain surgery for obstructive hydrocephalus.

. some forms of brain damage can increase the risk of metabolic disorder;
you will know if you have this
because it causes insulin resistance .
. a routine blood lipid test can tell you if your insulin levels are normal:
your hdl
should ideally better higher than your triglycerides .
. if you fail this test, start weightlifting,
and if your diet is already healthy
then after about 2 weeks of 1 day training, and 2 days rest,
you should become more sensitive, interested, and functional .


Thanks for the input, Dr.Addn....

It's not unusual for a man who is having sex with a girlfriend not to come the first few times.

After all, you're under stress, unfamiliar with the sensations, and want to perform well...

It can all add up to a loss of erection.

I don't know if your brain surgery or medications could effect your sexual response, but I think it might be a reasonable question to ask your doctor.

You might give it several more tries before worrying about it. Most women are understanding as they settle down into a new relationship or new activity.

Let us know how it goes...