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M y friend is an older man - 62 - and he's depressed because his penis doesn't "jump" to the touch the way it did when he was younger; he still gets erections, that's not the problem. He just wishes his tool was as sensitive to touch as it used to be.  Is there anything he can do?


Well, most men (at least 87%) lose some degree of penile sensitivity as they age. This is partially due to the natural aging process, and partly because the outer dermal layer of the penis tends to become desensitized after years of sex, masturbation, or just rubbing against the clothing. Your "friend" does have options, though. Wearing non-restrictive, yet supportive underwear is a start - these should be made of soft cotton (the tighty-whitey variety or boxer briefs really work best). Men can also benefit from using a penis health creme (health professionals  recommend Man1 Man Oil) that is enriched with acetyl L carnitine (an amino acid that is needed for nerve growth and repair) and natural moisturizers like Shea butter.