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Many men wonder if their penis is large enough and if their sexual partners will be satisfied. They may also wonder what the average penis size is and how theirs compares.

Not only do penises come in many shapes and sizes, variation also exists within individual men. These changes are due to temperature fluctuations, arousal level, the frequency of sexual intercourse and other factors. Even the time of day plays a role!

Measurements vary, but the approximate length of an erect human penis is between 12.9 and 15.0 cm. The approximate length of the flaccid human penis is between 9 and 10 cm.

It is not a surprise that the men's sexual function declines with age. This is all due to lower testosterone levels and other changes that the human body undergoes with age.

With time, it will take a man longer to get an erection and orgasm than before. Men will have a lower sperm volume and quality and may experience urinary problems due to prostate enlargement and a weakening of the abdominal muscles. This will lead to more frequent urination.

The penis itself also undergoes some changes with the years. These changes include:

  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Sensitivity
  • Curvature

With age, fat can accumulate in the lower abdomen, making the shaft of the penis look shorter without it actually being shorter. This is all reversible with weight loss. But, except this reversible reduction, the penis tends to undergo an actual reduction in size which is not reversible. This reduction will affect the length and thickness of the penis, but it isn't usually very so dramatic. However, in some cases this irreversible shrinkage of the penis might be noticeable.

The penis will also change in appearance. The pubic hair will slowly be lost, due to lower testosterone levels. This will lead to having a scrotal area like you did before or during puberty. Another change that the penis will undergo in its appearance is the change of the color of the glans (the head of the penis). Normally, the glans has a purplish color, which will be lost gradually due to blood flow reduction of this area.

Over the time it is well known that the penis will lose its sensitivity. This loss of sensitivity will make it harder for the penis to get erect and orgasm may become difficult.

Curvature of the penis is usually seen in middle age due to scar tissue that accumulates in the penis. This may lead to surgery, because of painful erections and difficulties having sexual intercourse.

All the above mentioned changes do not affect only the penis, but the testicles and the scrotum are also affected. Starting around the age of 40 the testicles begin to shrink.

The shrinkage of the penis and scrotum may be involuntary due to cold temperatures, stress, exercise, prolonged pressure in the perineum area (riding a bike for a long time), etc. This is all due to the activity of Cremaster muscle.

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