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Just recently my partner came to me and told me that his doctor diagnosed him with a bacteria infection. He told me he is prone to infections because he has a enlarged urethra that makes him more susceptible to infections. I went to my doctor and was told that I had Chlamydia. When I explained to my doctor what my partner and I discussed I was told men don't get bacteria infections. Is this true? Can another bacteria be mistaken for Chlamydia? Is there such a condition in men that make them prone to infections?


Men can definitely get bacterial infections and do so often. The penis, being kept in a warm, moist environment, is easily susceptible to bacterial infections.  (And yes, men can also get yeast infections, commonly called thrush in men.)  Using a quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with common dermatological issues. Those with shea butter (a natural emollient) and alpha lipoic acid (a strong antioxidant) are the best creams to use.