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Probably about a year ago i masturbated with some lotion. And even sometimes conditioner. And ever since i started doing that the head of my penis looks dry and not scaly but kinda bumpy i guess you could say. I have stopped using lotions and conditioners for about 8 months. Ever since i saw it i quit. Is there any natural way i could fix this problem? Also i really don't feel comfortable consulting my doctor about it because when i go to the doctor my mom comes into the room with me. I dont know why but she is always in there. It dont ask her to come in or anything. Just when they call my name she stands up and is walking right behind me.. So if someone could please help me. Thanks


The bumps or roughness you are experiencing may have been caused by the conditioner you used; these products often contain fragrances and other chemicals that can cause irritation. Keep in mind, too, that the penis skin is not always perfectly smooth, and some bumps and other irregularities are common. You can improve the overall condition of your penis skin by using a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) enriched with vitamins and moisturizers to nourish the penile tissue. Also, you might talk to your mom and let her know that you are more comfortable seeing the doctor on your own – most doctors will respect this, as well.