Hi, I am 19 and sexually active.
My last period started 11 February. On 18th I took a birth control pill for the first time, but later decided with my boyfriend ill start them afresh after my next cycle. We have always used the withdrawal method (':$').

so, we were sexually active everyday between the 16th and 20th.

What happens next baffles me. The next day after the pill (19th) I was nauseated and vomiting, which i never felt before. 2 days later i vomited again. Note that this only happened when i had a mug of my favorite strong black tea.

The night of the 20th I was sweating and uncomfortable, feeling way too hot!

On the 24th I started bleeding, 2 1/2 weeks before my next period is due. Its the 25th today and the bleeding has almost disappeared. I shouldnt say bleeding though, it's exactly as the last day of my periods, dark brown and very light. Not actual red, u know..
So here I am, wondering if that one tiny pill caused all this imbalance, or is there something deeper? Could I be pregnant? Id appreciate any response! Thanks ladies. :-P