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I honestly don't think I am but here's my story.

My BF came to visit a month (30 days) ago before he goes to Iraq.
I'm 17 and he's a bit older than me.

*We played around a little and it ended up with us trying to have sex. He had a condom on but we didn't have sex because I told him it hurt and he stopped.

*We then tried anal (X.x Pain!). Before we did he took off the condom.

*He didn't cum but there was precum and he tried sticking it in, but only for a couple of minutes.

*The next day I had my period and no kind of symptoms of pregnancy.

*Two weeks since then I still didn't have any. No spotting or morning sickness.
*I felt tired and slept often but that's because I'm anemic.

*I was eating normal and my mood was the same. No weight gain, tender breasts or anything.

*Two more weeks passed and now that it's time for my period again I feel funny minus the sickness, frequent urination, constipation, etc.

*I've also been under a bit of stress lately. Finals are getting close, my parents are worrying me to no end, and I'm missing my BF already and he leaves for Iraq in the summer. I won't see him any of my senior year in high school.

It had been one month today since that happened and my period is two days late. I keep having cramps but no period. I also have a headache and I think my temp is a little off but that's because I've been sick since
the 29th and my allergies are making it worse, but still no other symptoms.

Is it possible for me to be pregnant even if nothing has shown up and I feel completely normal? Please help me put my mind at ease.


Ok well im not no expert but even if you dont get symptoms you could be pregnant butt it depends if your periods run normally or if they get mixed up sometimes soo juss take a test and see wat happens bout thats my advice


Hi Ali: I am 100% sure you are NOT pregnant. You are probably stressed, just relax and your period will come along. I just want to mention something! It is great your boyfriend used a condom for vaginal sex, but WHY would he not do the same for anal? Condoms are not only to stop pregnancy but also to stop STD's which can also be contracted by anal! Not to mention AIDS! So in the future when he gets home safe and sound!!! ALWAYS use a condom OK? You will be fine! And be REALLY sure you are ready for sex OK? Just because you might feel it is a gift to give to him before he leaves, just be sure in yourself! Like my grandma told me and I will tell you "Tell him to take job in hand!!!!" ;-) XD o.O Can you imagine a grandmother saying that? LOL Best of luck to you and your boyfriend when he leaves!