My last normal period was January 20th, 2010. I have very regular heavy periods. I inserted a Nuva Ring after my period and was in place about 7-8 days prior to have intercourse with my fiance. We had unprotected sex from Feb 5-19th, I normally start my period on the 20th. On the 27th I took a pregnancy test and when I wipe it was a light red so I figured I was starting my period. My pregnancy test came out negative. For the next 3-4 days I barely had a period. When I put on a pad it was reddish/brown and barely anything there. I did pass out some blood clot looking things once. I took a pregnancy test March 1 and it was negative again. Three days ago I had some clear white discharge. I do have increased discharge this month, along with occasional cramps in my lower abdomen area and long with occasion sharp pain in my lower back. Should I be concerned? ?

Oh yeah I have been on the Nuva ring before and the first month it delayed my period but it was a normal period.