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So I have been on the nuva ring for about 5 months. I take it out when ever I have sex because I was told u can have it out for up to 3 hours. I have tried to have sex with it in but it always gets hooked onto my boyfriends penis and it can be painful. Anyways, I have been pretty regular as far as my period goes. I always get my period withen 2 -3 days of putting my ring back in. My period last about 3 days. I got my period on July 19th and was done by the 23rd. I put my ring back in on the 18th.

About 4 days ago on monday Aug 2nd I started getting black discharge. It was kinda mucasy stretchy.. i figured this is old blood and wore a panty liner. I would get about the size of a dime on my liner everyday. Small nothing serious. Everytime I wiped after going to the bathroom i would notice it. Then yesterday morning I woke up went to the bathroom and it appeared I was bleeding.. not like my period it was not bright red and it only accured when I went to the bathroom. i didnt notice it again. Last night my boyfriend and i had sex, he went inside of me. I have not had my nuva ring in forr a couple days now because of the discharge.

When we finished he noticed there was blood on his penis. I went to the bathroom to clean up and it was a pink like blood. I put a pad on so I could monitor the flow better when I woke up this morning there was no blood on the pad but when i wiped there was. I changed the pad and about noon today there was about the size of a quarter of blood on the pad and still when i wipe.

Is this a break threw bleed? Or could this be another pregnancy?

I have a 16mo old daughter when i was pregnant with her I did not find out tell about 2 mo along. I didnt get sick, or miss a period (i didnt keep track of my periods to well so i could have been off a little) I have been real tierd, and yesterday i was qweezy, looking at pizza turned my tummy. I think it could just be the heat I live in az and its been hot. But i have been sleeping more then usual.

I am not hoping for a baby, but if i am pregnant it wouldnt be a bad thing. has anything like this happened to any of you? please let me know I am desperate for answers!


I got pegnant with Nuva Ring after only taking it out for the one week a month. I wouldn't use it if you have difficulty keeping track of days and periods and all. It has to be used perfectly to be over the 89% effectiveness. It had also caused me to miscarry at 9 weeks after failing every pregnancy test I took at home up to a week prior. I highly reccomend against the Nuva Ring in general, but especially if you don't keep it in as directed.