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Hi there

Recently, about 2 and a half weeks ago i have had one pimple and blister type lesions develop right on the tip (usually underside) of my penis foreskin. In the last week i have had another small pimple looking lesion develop or get slightly bigger around that same region.

The pimple looking lesion is rather small, just like a small whitehead on ones face. The blister looking lesion, looks like a water blister or wart...this is very soft to touch. These are not causing me any pain, but since they have been around, another small pimple like lesion looks like it is forming giving me cause for concern.

To my knowledge this developed from not cleaning under my foreskin for a few days and the pimple and blister formed very shortly after.

I should mention i have not been sexually active since very early January.

Any help with what these could be would be much appreciated.

I have pictures if needed.




See a doctor about it, best thing you can do