Hey, obviously like to say hi to everyone here (first post) and hope all is well.

To my question: I have lots of small papules around the base of my penis shaft and some run up the underside to the head, and at the foreskin opening (im uncircumsized) there are a lot together in a sort of cauliflower way. I probably noticed them first about 2 years ago.

I went to a sexual health clinic and the woman i met there seemed really useless. I suffer from phismosis (tight foreskin) which i am also trying to remidy right now, and she was the one to first notify me of this tightness but did not tell me it was a common problem or the actual name. She also tried to force it down over the head but i nearly fainted in pain instantly and got her to stop. However, before this she did say 'It looks like you might have genital warts'. I've been on warticon for months and tried an intensive course of Aldara or something - neither has had any effects on the pimple like spots. Only heard of this penile papules recently and the photo herehttps://www.steadyhealth.com/articles/article.php?mode=view&hpr=Pimple_like_Bumps_on_Penis_and_Testicles&article_id=554&forum_id=35 is EXACTLY like mine on the shaft. The ones on the foreskin opening are like cauliflower and bunched together. I have also been working on my phismosis and so far have managed to get it halfway down the head - no warts/pimples there and that was what the woman in the clinic was worried about. However, just discovered that my phismotic ring(?) is tight and so really worried abut pulling my foreskin back any further right now due to it possibly getting stuck behind the head - any tips on stretching that would be appreciated.

So, if any of you could shed some light on whether you think i have pimples or warts would be appreciated! As i said, the wart cream had no effect whatsoever, the only sexual contact i had was three years ago (and it was very limited - minor anal contact with another person but not even penetrated hardly to what i can remember, but on a few occasions). Yes, i'm only 16 so haven't had much experience. I find all of this so mind crushingly horrible i just hope to god it isnt warts as the only method now seems to be freezing them off if it is warts - and the people there have no mercy on those with phismosis which is the scary part!

Thanks for any help, sorry its like an essay. Al.