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Ok I'm 16 years old and the only sex I have had unprotected is with about 3 people, when I was little, you know, experimentation and c**p.
I didn't even know how to cum back then so meh.

Until I hit 14 I had never noticed my penis looked a little strange, it has some similar symptoms to things previously discussed.

I have small white colonies of dots inside my foreskin
I have small and large 'pimple looking things*' on the underside of my nob that trails into the foreskin where the colonies are located.
I have huge 'pimple looking things*' on my shaft some with hair growing out of them some not.
I have white dots on my scrotum some with more hairs growing out and even some not.
((*The pimples don't pop))

So basicly.
From the base of my shaft, to the top of my penis, to the inside of my foreskin, there are lumps, all different shapes and sizes.
And all along this traily skin is pigmented a darker shade and the skin looks cracked.
It dosn't hurt but it looks horrid.

This is the ONLY reason I haven't even tried seeking sexual relations with someone else.


Fordyce spots, perfectly normal.

It took you 14 years to notice them, you think a girl would notice after 5-10 minutes?