Corpus Pineale Cyst Hi I am a 27 years old girl from Norway. In the annual shift 2015/2016 I started to notice a lot of pain in the head, nausea, dizziness, problem with balance, vision trouble, trouble sleeping, pressure headache (feels like my head is going to explode) exhausted, poor appetite and mood swings. I have never been bothered by headaches from before of so I figured that something was wrong, I got an MRI of the head February 2016 and they found a Corpus Pineale cyst that measured 1.7 x 1.1 Cm 1.6 x 1, 6 x 1.4 cm it is shaped like an arrow, according to the documents, so it is not perfectly round. Doctors who checked the images and my symptoms and checked blood samples etc. thought that this had no cysten with cysten and doing so they dismissed this with even. They sent me back and forth from 4 different hospitals, and with many different samples and surveys they tried a ICP measurement. Where checked the pressure in the brain, this pressure turned out and be elevated but the samples could not say how high it was since the doctors had made some errors, etc. so there stopped everything up. So now I just sit and wait with even more pain and frustration. I got lots of tablets mixed other: Ketorax: Pain Killers Nobligan: Pain Killers Paraginforte: Pain Killers Topimax: press medesin Diamox: press medesin Furix: Sleep I do not remember the name tablets. Tried more morphine tablets for the pain but is no one thing that works out for the pain, the doctors believe that they are not as bad as I'm going to have to. And believes that there are mental and not physical so they think I need a psychologist and not a medical doctor. I understand the frustration of everyone with this diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri in addition to Corpus Pineale cyst