Last July I stated to get the worst migraines I've ever had.  My migraine pills would do nothing to relieve them.   Then in August I started to have severe vertigo attacks and would feel off balance.   My first vertigo attack I went to the ER after 8 hours.  They did a CT scan and diagnosed me with BPV.   My doctor ordered a MRI and when that came back normal left it at that.  I found a new doctor who sent me to an ENT.  He said it was all neurological and I went to a neurologist.  My neurologist said it was most likely Ménière's.  I went to a second ENT who agreed it might be.  The only thing is I don't have hearing loss.   He put me on diuertic and a low sodium diet.  After starting the diuretic my daily headaches were gone.  My ENT said he doesn't know why but it's not a bad thing.  He wants me to stop my diuretic for a month to see what happens.  I instantly get headaches after a day and as soon as I take a diuretic the headache goes away.   For some reason my CT scan results were posted to my online medical chart just a few weeks ago.  They state I have a 8mm cyst on my pineal gland.  Which I was never told.  I never had contrast used in my mri or CT scan.   I've researched  and found they are rare after menopause.   I'm 33 but had a radical hysterectomy 8 years ago.   My vision has been getting worse the last year but I've attributed it to aging.  I get bouts of blurry double vision that makes me sick to my stomach .  My night vision is bad and I have floaters.   My doctor said the MRI was normal so there is no need to look at the cyst more.  I'm wondering if it is causing my problems or if it's a tumor since I'm in menopause and they never used contrast