So my partner and I had an unfortunate mishap with a condom and our first thought was plan b. little info on plan b before I get further into the story. Plan b DOES NOT terminate an existing pregnancy. Plan b causes ovulation to stop and slows sperm from trying to get to the egg. Still with me? okay. Since ovulation is stopped or "Skipped" You period starts within days after you take it. causing you to go through yet another shark week and ovulation. Alright back to the story  I've done my research on plan b (How it works, what's in it, best time to take it, ect..) So it not being the first time I've taken plan b I took it as normal within 24 hours of the incident and all was well 2 days later I started my period  from the first to the sixth I had my regular period (Obviously not on time due to not ovulating) Saturday the 6th I ended my bloodshed BUT I have been spotting ever since its currently the 9th and have had horrible cramps and back pain.  I honestly do not think that plan b doesn't screw you up internally like they say.  I have never spotted after my period ends and I NEVER get cramps and back pain after my period ends either. Obviously plan b works (no baby for this chick) but my partner and I agreed to never take it again due to all of the problems its caused me.  My question is: Is there anyone else out there that has had the same experience? or worse when taking the plan b contraceptive pill? I cannot be the only one that has found issues with it?