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Are you pregnant and struggling to stay cool and comfy during the hot summer months? Here are some simple things that will help you.

Have you got a "bun in the oven" during the searing summer heat? You'll find coping with the hot months harder than before and may even wish you could jump into the fridge. If you are not cool with being pregnant in summer, you don't need to embrace the suffering though — there are some steps you can take to feel a little better. 

Stay Cool In The Pool

Summer is the ideal time to head to the pool, and doubly so when you're expecting. Spending time in water that's a little cooler will bring your core temperature down and make you feel great. That may be your only aim if your local neighborhood has turned into an inferno, but pregnant women will get much more than cooling off alone out of their trip to the pool. Swimming is one of the safest pregnancy exercises out there, and doctors recommend it to expectant moms all year-round. What's so great about spending time in the water?

Swimming works both the arms and the legs and gives you an excellent cardio workout, while minimizing the risk of injury. Your back, which is having a hard time in the last few months of pregnancy because of the increased weight up front, will thank you if you go swimming. Anyone who has ever been swimming before also knows that feeling refreshed and less tired are side-effects of this aquatic activity, and that's exactly what moms to-be need!

Pregnant women who go swimming regularly will build endurance too. That will come in handy when you go into labor.

Because you'll feel weightless in water, you'll also be able to do stuff your baby bump wouldn't otherwise allow you to do — like aerobics, but in water. That's prenatal aquarobics. Check it out. We bet there's a class in your locality. 

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Yes, that's water. Pregnancy itself raises your body temperature a bit, and any extra heat from outside is just going to make you feel worse. Sweating more than usual also means that you will lose both fluids and electrolytes more quickly. We know that you're fed up with going to the bathroom every five minutes already, but making an honest commitment to drinking all the fluids you need will definitely help you feel better.

Water is the best drink if you're looking for hydration. You've probably heard the "two liters a day" recommendation. It is hard to keep track of your exact water intake unless you are drinking from bottles all day long, but the advice to always have some water on the go is sound. Don't forget to take a bottle with you when you go out. You'll need more than water alone to keep your electrolytes up, however. Consider sports drinks, fruit juice and even milk for that purpose.

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