I take Kariva birth control (generic for mircette). I'm going away on vacation next week (thursday the 12th). My period would normally be due by tuesday (the 10th). I had been hoping & thinking I'd like my period to come early..Figuring that dropping off the hormones for a few days would kick-start my period, I skipped fri & saturday's pill (would have been white regular full dose). BUT here we are sunday, still no period. Now I've decided to heck with it, this is making me TOO NERVOUS.. I DO NOT want my period next week! lol. It'd be too close for comfort. My period hasn't started yet which I'm surprised... So I think i'll just try to skip the period altogether. (I've only done that once, rarely mess with my pills). The big question is; At this point, if I take a white regular-dose pill right NOW will it be enough hormones to stop my period from coming? should I take two? (one now & one tonite, my regular pill time). Any advice/experience on this greatly appreciated! I'm a 23 yr old responsible woman. I've only skipped my period one other time & that was a year ago. I hate how I get some spotting, it's annoying.. So that's why i originally resisted trying to skip my period. But at this point, I think I'll have to go with it. Thanks again & have a good day 8)

btw, the bc pack goes like this; a sunday start--3 weeks of white full dose pills, 2 sugar pills & 5 blue lower-dose pills (the week when you have your period).