Researchers have found in recent study that there is a chance to identify patients with early signs of Alzheimer’s disease by using blood test.They say it can be done by comparing proteins that body uses to communicate with nervous system and immune system as well in healthy people with the one who are already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Those proteins are unique to patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and they appear in very early stage of the disease, even years before some major symptoms. Some of the early signs of disease is forgetfulness but it can happened for some other reasons such as aging and this is why it’s important to work more on the study that could help doctors to make complex diagnosis years before disease itself appears.

Test showed to be positive in 90% of the cases that diagnosed disease in its early stages but more research needs to be done before study is fully confirmed.

Importance of this study is that people could begin early therapy to delay signs of Alzheimer’s that may appear in next couple of years and to prepare their families for very progressive and incurable illness such as Alzheimer’s.