Although it is known that garlic has great influence on health , recent research found another significant reason why people should eat more of it.

New study found that red blood cells turns compounds from digested garlic to cell messenger hydrogen sulfide who has influence on increased blood flow. So, it is clear that eating more garlic increases natural supply of this chemical who has a great role in preventing heart disease.

This study is a new break through in medicine because scientist may standardize garlic supplements and produce great health benefits. In research, scientists found that when red blood cells got even a little dose of garlic they started to produce hydrogen sulfide. The amount of garlic tested was about two garlic cloves for the adult person. Research concluded that most of the chemical reaction happends in the membrane of the blood cells but also a small amount is produced inside the red blood cells.

Although some other plants contain substance crucial for producing hydrogen sulfide, garlic is the only one of them which is used everyday in human diet.