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Scientists found that by influencing brain mechanism they could help people fight their nicotine addiction. It was discovered earlier that nicotine has influence on GABA, chemical substance in the brain that has effect on neurons in the brain which could possibly help curtail the effects of nicotine.

This research could be a important because it can help to find way for quitting smoking. Chemical substance GABA is one of the key factors in peoples brain that creates desire for nicotine and researchers hope that by inhibiting this substance they can lower and possibly kill this craving for nicotine.

During the research people were given nicotine inhalers with the same amount of drug as in one cigarette. It was discovered that the amount of GABA was 10 times higher than in normal conditions and that brain produced this chemical substance four times faster after using inhalators and that the amount of new GABA generation remained high for about 45 minutes after inhalation.

This finding helped scientists to figure out that by keeping the amount of GABA in brain high can reduce pleasure of smoking when it comes to duration and intensity. Smoking is a very dangerous habit which was found to be cause for many serious conditions and every study that shows it can stop this habit is considered to be a successful one.


>;) 8i cant find a method to fight addiction! :'(