E. Coli is responsible for many human illnesses and recent study found that cranberry sauce can help in fighting this bacteria. The reason why cranberry sauce acts like a antibacterial agent is because a group of tannins from cranberries called proanthocyanidin (PACs) interact with bacteria in the molecular level.

Research confirmed that PACs helped in preventing E. Coli from adhering to cells which is a basic first step in infections. This includes kind of chemical changes and PACs create an energy barrier which keeps bacteria cells away from urinary tract. Study concluded that interaction between E. Coli and cells from urine system was significantly reduced when just 5% solution of cranberry juice cocktail was present.

Another benefit of cranberry juice was also found during the research. It seems that E. Coli grown in cranberry juice couldn’t form biofilms which represent kind of clusters with high amount of bacteria that’s required for developing infections.