I had a hemorrhoidectomy 2 weeks ago.  I had 4 internal removed and 2 external.  I had anticipated a painful recovery, but have been pleasantly surprised.  I was given oxycodone and used them along with 600 mg of motrin.  I took warm soaks in the bath when I felt discomfort.  After first bowel movement, I jumped in the tub, when I felt more pressure to move my bowels, I  jumped out and on the toilet.  I continued this process until I was done.  It took about an hour to an hour and a half, but it eased the pain considerably.  I also practiced breathing techniques and concentrated on relaxing my sphincter muscles when going to the bathroom.  My surgeon ordered me to take 2 tablespoons of mineral oil each night before bed which not only acts as a mild laxative, but coats the intestinal tract.  I also took a stool softener 3 times a day for the first week.  I was very careful with my diet and ate 25 grms of fiber per day along with at least 8-10 glasses of water.  I seemed to get a little better each day until Day 5, when I had more pain and some muscle spasms.  Since then, I have gotten a little better each day.  I am back to work (Day 12), sitting on my doughnut and continuing to drink a lot of water and a fiber rich diet.  This was NO walk in the park, but it was definitely not as bad as some of the people who have had terrible experiences.  I was at the point, prior to surgery, that I could not do any activity without considerable bleeding.  My quality of life was terrible.  I have a little bit of fecal leakage and some bleeding with bowel movements, but from what i hear, this is normal.  My anus is still swollen and after visiting with my surgeon, this is to be expected.  I am hoping that when I see my surgeon for the second followup, most of my issues will be resolved.  If at all possible, try to keep a positive attitude, keep yourself occupied with books, meditation, sleep, baths and more baths... and know that in the end, you will have your life back.  I hope this is encouraging to those of you who are about to undertake the procedure.  I am sincerely sorry for those of you who have had a terrible experience.