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This girl and i were messing around on my couch. She was on me and i moved her back so i can pull down my short. I pulled them from the side and grabbed my shaft, not sure if i had pre cum or not. I pulled them back up from the side again and used the couch to pull myself up and moved her off of me and began to strip her pants and panties. Then I gave her oral. Then a a few seconds later I fingered her. Whats the chance of getting her pregnant if I did have pre cum on my fingers after I came in contact with the couch, my pants, her pants, and panties then fingering her? She finished her period on Sunday and this happened 5 days later, Friday. So im assuming she wasnt ovulating. Please help me get an answer.


I think it's safe to say you did not impregnate her with your finger. It's unlikely you had any significant precum  on our finger after touching so much clothing. Besides, she wasn't ovulating.