o I have this friend and she was giving her boyfriend oral sex and when she stopped he touched his penis and wiped it off several different times on his coat, her coat, her jeans, and he kind of rubbed his hands against her other body parts and clothing well she doesnt remember if he fingered her again or not but lets say he did her question is can she get pregnant from this? Does saliva kill the pre cum? And after she gave him head his penis was dry because they sat their for a little and then he started fingering her?also forgot to note that after she gave him head eventually they started making out again and she drank water 2-3 times in between and about 15 minutes later he gave her oral sex but he only like the top part her clit so obviously she can't be pregnant. also he said he had peed before they went out so if their were any sperm the pee flushed most of them out right? but once again she would rather hear it from someone like you with knowledge in this stuff She wanted me to ask one last thing say the pre cum was fresh out his penis he touched it and fingered her what are the chances then?