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I am 12 weeks pregnant and a couple of months before I stripped paint of the skirting boards. I just had a look on the internet and saw that with an old house lead painting might be used. If we are talking about old paint, what kind of metals and chemicals might stay in the body and harm the foetus, lead, PCB, cadium etc? Do I need to be checked?

please help it is very important to me.


If it was a couple months ago, before you got pregnant, I wouldn't worry about it. You could always ask you OB his opinion but specially if you have not had any symptoms of lead poisioning I am sure he will say the same thing. You also can ask him to run the test just for peace of mind if it is weighing on you greatly.
Even if it was in the first few weeks prior to you being able to have a positive test its said to not harm the baby.