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What are joints?

Joints connect bones. Their function is to help you move and provide support to your body. Any disease or injury of the joints leads to a lot of pain and problems with the movement.

Many different conditions lead to pain in the joints, and joint pain is extremely common. It can range from mild to severe and sometimes even debilitating. Paint in the joints can be acute or chronic.

Can alcohol consumption cause pain in the joints?

As strange as it sounds, but some people report joint pain after drinking alcohol, usually the day after.

Until recently, there was no scientific explanation as to why some people have joint pain after drinking alcohol.

Every joint in the body can be affected, but usually the knees or ankles. The joint pain caused by alcohol consumption is acute rather than chronic.

There are some known ways in which alcohol can affect joints indirectly.

Alcohol, being full of calories, encourages weight gain, and this puts some extra pressure on the knees.

If you drank a large amount of alcohol, maybe you did not realize how much you danced, if you hit your knees somewhere, or if you fell asleep in a bad position. You might be wondering why you are having joint pain the next morning, and probably don't recall exactly what you did last night.

It is important to know that alcohol should not be mixed with medication as it can decrease or increase the effect of both. In some cases, this can lead to very dangerous complications, even life threatening.

Keep in mind that narcotic drugs should never be combined with alcohol, because they can be fatal.

Arthritis and gout

One of the main reasons to have joint paint is if you are suffering from arthritis or gout. Alcohol also worsens arthritis.

Gout is a form of arthritis, and even though it is easily controlled with medication, no cure has yet been found. It is caused by purine, which is normally produced in the metabolism, but it is known that alcohol also contains a lot of purine.

Purine in our bodies creates uric acids, which can form crystals and they can be deposited in the joints. These crystals cause inflammation of the joints. The accumulation of too much uric acid can lead to gout attacks.

It is usually a hereditary condition, but alcohol also seems to play a big role. Gout causes inflammation of the joints, which results in the swallowing of the joints and pain.

If you know that you are suffering from arthritis or gout you should not consume alcohol. Try to drink a lot of water instead.

If you are in pain try to relax, have a good sleep and lay down. Use painkillers if needed.

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