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We’re been trying for a baby for the past year or so, and my period was supposed to come three weeks ago. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive and even the blood test was positive. I have scheduled an appointment with ob-gyn and I was hoping everything might be OK this time, but 3 days ago I first started spotting and then bleeding, a bit lighter than my normal period. I still have two weeks before the ob-gyn appointment and it’s too long for me to find out why am I bleeding and does this mean I’m having a miscarriage. Some of the info I read says it’s normal sometimes to get what looks like period even if you’re pregnant, but then again, there is a lot of information suggesting it might be miscarriage.


Hi Guest,

You CAN have some bleeding while pregnant.  As you noted, it is lighter than your usual period - different.

It's fairly common during the first trimester.  If you have no heavy cramping it is unlikely it is a miscarriage.

Hang in there.